How to View and Change Your WiFi Network Name and WiFi Password

Wi-Fi is great for you to connected with your friend ,but a poorly secured Wi-Fi can put your personal information at risk . You should protect your router password and change the password regularly to protecting your network and your data .If you don’t know I will guild you How to Change Your Wifi Password.

Step 1 : Find Your Router’s IP Address

On a Windows PC, you press Windows Key + R, type “cmd”, and press Enter.


Then you type “ipconfig” to find ip of router , it’s “Default Gateway”


Step 2 : Login your router

You find user name & password from device label

tplink admin

1.Tplink :

  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin or root/root


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin or  root/root


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/zoomadsl


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/epicrouter

7.Arris TG1672G

  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/password


You open your browser and type ip of router , ex : , then you type user name and password your modem. example my modem is Tplink, so I type admin/admin

How to Change Your Wifi Password 2019

From the menu on the left hand-side of the screen select “Wireless”.

  • To change wifi name from the sub-menu you select Wireless Settings => Wireless  Network Name, then you click save .
  • To change wifi channel you select Wireless Settings => Channel 


  • To change the wifi password, you select Wireless Security from the Wireless sub-menu on the left => Wireless Password, then you click save

How to Change Your Wifi Name and Password 2019

I hope you will know how to How to Change Your Wifi Name and Password
You can watch this video to know more :

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Then you create a new text document.


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save code as batch file


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Please wait…


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You check the activation status again.

If you want to activate Microsoft Project 2019 and Microsoft  Visio 2019 you can read this article : How to Activate Microsoft Project / Visio (2016/2019) without Product Key

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More information:

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Error :

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Answer : You just sign out from the outlook/live account in Office and then exit. Now re-open it again. You should see only 2019 now.

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